Chuck & Adrienne S.

We used the 15-1-1 Super Plant Food in our garden this year.   We followed the simple application rates and here are the results.  Not only is this zucchini massive it was very tasty and not sour and had very little seeds mostly meat.  Made for great grilling!


Katie & Dan P.

Extremely impressed by the quality of the vegetables we produced with using your Super Plant Food.  Our tomatoes and peppers had great flavor and the tomatoes had very little meat that weighed over 3 lbs!  The picture of the tomatoes shows the size difference compared to our neighbor’s which is on the right.   It was extremely easy to use with our garden end hose sprayer.


Gary J.

Super Plant Food surely does work.   Here is a side by side comparison of our Green onions.  This picture says it all the SPF sprayed onions are on the left and the size and quality is much better.  One thing the picture does not show is the how much better the SPF onions tasted.   I will admit I did not think it would work as well as it did but the results sure are convincing!


Mark G.

Here is a pic of the blackberries that we grew this past season.   They were extremely big, juicy and sweet.  I am a 6′ 3″  tall man with big hands so you can see how big these berries are.  Great product!


Kristin M. 

Super Plant Food has brought back my rose bush from near death this past year. My bush stems were all grey before applying Super Plant Food. I only sprayed  the fertilizer on 4 times over the course of the summer and fall and got amazing results. These pics were taken on December 3rd a couple weeks after a 2 foot snow storm hit our town. The bush was almost completely buried by the snow and yet still had the flowers. Can’t wait to see how it does next year. Your product is fantastic!!


David H. 

Ornamental grass- Second year, phenomenal growth for a grass this young!


David H. 

Here is my Trumpet vine, thicker growth than in previous years and bigger blooms.